Alpha Watch Southwest Florida makes sure your family sleeps at night while we watch over the nest as our top--and only--priority

Are you planning an extended vacation or business trip? Are you concerned about the safety of your property but would rather not impose on family and friends to watch over your home? Did you know that if your home is not checked regularly during the summer season while you are away, your home insurance may not cover you? Alpha Watch SWFL can help!
Locally owned and operated, Alpha Watch SWFL can watch home While you're away is a visitation and inspection company that verifies home safety during a homeowner's absence. Great for vacationers, business travelers, real estate agents, etc., Watching your home while you're away creates a custom program for each client, ensuring that the needs of your property will be met while you are away. Alpha Watch SWFL is fully licensed and bonded and we conduct security and background checks on all of our employees. Our home watching services reduce the opportunity for theft and give you peace of mind, knowing that your home and property are being cared for while you are away. All contracts with clients are confidential and clients will receive a report and service log when they return or can be emailed monthly.
Offering trustworthy home watching services in Cape Coral, Fort Myers and surrounding areas.